Geneviève Caron, Mélodie Cordeau, Nicolas Leclair, Yami Forignio ad Tommy Proulx-Roy were honoured at the 12th annual Prix Leviers ceremony in Quebec City on May 10 for their outstanding contributions to the Comité Jeunes+.

The Prix Leviers were handed out by the Regroupement des organismes communautaires autonomes jeunesse du Québec (ROCAJQ) to recognize the civic engagement of 25 youth who have chosen to forge their own path in life.

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A remarkable commitment to Coalition Jeunes+

The Comité Jeunes+ is part of Coalition Jeunes+, which is sponsored by Dans la rue and brings together a wide spectrum of community partners, researchers and youth. Coalition Jeunes+ was the driving force behind the Youth Homelessness Prevention Forum, a two-day-event in November 2021 attended by 50 youth aged 18 to 30. It featured a series of workshops on preventing youth homelessness and provided an opportunity for participants to present their ideas to the 12 elected officials also in attendance.

Geneviève, Mélodie, Nicolas, Yami and Tommy played an essential role in bringing the event to fruition. They developed a questionnaire used to gather feedback from across the province and rallied their fellow youth to work together to make the video Legault, faut se donner le go. They showed incredible leadership and created a positive, welcoming space for attendees. Their experiences, ideas and solutions were pivotal in making the forum a success.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to all five Prix Leviers winners!

Testimonial of Nicolas Leclair

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