Our services

Dans la rue offers five services adapted to the needs of homeless youth.


The Van offers a short break from life on the street. It represents the first step in the long process of building trust with marginalized youth. The Van’s volunteers listen and support youth in crisis, offer them sustenance and refer them to the appropriate resources. This year, the Van was visited more than 17,000 times by homeless and at-risk youth.



The Bunker is an emergency shelter for 17 youths (male and female) aged 12 to 21. Users have access to a range of basic services (a bed for the night, a warm meal, a shower, laundry facilities), as well as a team of specialized counsellors who are there to listen, support and provide referral and other services as appropriate. The Bunker is a safe place that provides a much-needed “breather” from life on the street. Although 18 to 21 year olds are welcome, the main focus of the Bunker is minors.


Day Centre

The day centre is a place where youth can talk to counsellors, ask them for advice and take advantage of various programs and services, such as the cafeteria, school, nursing services, employment programs, psychologists, legal advisors, and more.


Family Services

Family Services provides assistance to Dans la rue’s youth who are also parents. Counsellors help new parents with a variety of administrative enquiries (filing income taxes, applying for government ID, etc.) and make house calls to show them essential self-care and child-care skills.


A 17 unit apartment building opened in December 2014, supporting 15 youths and two families who use Dans la rue’s resources or have done so in the past. Counsellors are available onsite to provide counselling to the residents.

Appartements dans la rue