Dans la rue on Y’a du monde à messe

Émilie Mandeville, a psychosocial counsellor and team leader at the Bunker, was invited to appear on the Télé-Quebec TV show Y’a du monde à messe, where she talked about her work with homeless [...]

Visit to the apartment of Sassou

Sassou was waiting for me in the common room with Kris, one of the on-site counsellors. She seemed nervous about our visit, but I could also sense her enthusiasm and pride at being selected as [...]

Visit to the apartment of Tommy

With the housing shortage becoming even more acute during the pandemic, I wanted to see for myself the impact of a stable living situation on vulnerable youth and their ability to achieve their [...]

A night on the new Van

A most touching human experience. When the new Van hit the road in early July, the Development and Communications team at Dans la rue was curious to see how its return to the streets of Montreal [...]

During the pandemic

Instead of holding its annual UNE NUIT DANS LA RUE fundraiser, which has been cancelled this year because of COVID-19, Dans la rue has released a video that shows how its services have been [...]

Youth homelessness prevention forum

In an effort to achieve its objectives in terms of preventing and reducing youth homelessness, Coalition Jeunes+ hosts a forum to give young people a voice and inspire various stakeholders to [...]