Fall 2021 Newsletter

OUR NEW VAN IS FINALLY HERE! THE FIRST VEHICLE IN MONTREAL TO BE 100% POWERED BY RENEWABLE NATURAL GAS The illustrated report you’ll find on pages 2 and 3 will give you a better idea of what it’s [...]

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Newsletter Spring 2021

UNWAVERING SUPPORT FROM DANS LA RUE’S TEAMS  Throughout the past year, the staff and volunteers at Dans la rue have been working tirelessly to overcome the public health challenges arising from [...]

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Newsletter Fall 2020

ADAPTING OUR SERVICES TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our counsellors have noticed that vulnerable youth have been naturally inclined to turn to DANS LA RUE for [...]

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Dans la rue during the pandemic

The event Une nuit Dans la rue had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Here is a video highlighting our services during the current public health crisis. Presented by CN and Sun Life Quebec, and [...]

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The  newsletter Spring 2020 is available Twice a year we write a newsletter to tell you about our different services, tell you the story of youth who have known Dans la rue and share with you the [...]

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We want to remind you that, sadly, there are some people out there who claim to represent Dans la rue in order to fraudulently collect money in our name. These dishonest individuals attempt all [...]

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