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Our actions in service of homeless and at-risk youth

Like every young person, homeless and at-risk youth have a full spectrum of needs. At Dans la rue, they can find an integrated approach that recognizes the individuality and complexity of every situation.

Our multifaceted approach helps them get off the street quickly and to permanently transition away from precarious or high-risk situations.

We also actively work alongside various partners to gain a better understanding of the causes and effects of youth homelessness. Through collaboration and partnership, we can all play an important role in responding to and preventing youth homelessness.

Taking care of themselves

We offer homeless youth a judgment-free space where they can take a “time out” to collect their thoughts and build up the inner strength needed to take positive steps forward, either by working to improve their mental and physical health or by pursuing work or school opportunities.

Finding a place to live

We strive to help youth stabilize their housing situation through an approach tailored to each specific situation.

Improving physical and mental health

Homeless and at-risk youth are frequently forced to cope with significant physical and mental health problems including infectious diseases, frostbite, hypothermia, depression, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. Dans la rue offers youth access to the services necessary to address these conditions.

Working toward self-knowledge and growth

At Dans la rue, we offer a wide range of programs where they can discover their talents and flourish in a judgment-free environment that encourages their well-being.

Sorting out administrative and legal matters

Our counsellors are an invaluable resource for youth trying to navigate the often complex administrative and procedural landscape. Tools and explanations are provided to help youth resolve legal situations or secure necessary paperwork and the team is also available to accompany youth.

Getting an education

There is an undeniable correlation between dropping out of school and living on the street.  Dans la rue’s on-site alternative school and network of partners provide youth the chance to complete high school, which is often a huge step forward in a young person’s personal and social development and in the transition to adult life.

Laying the groundwork for a career

A lack of education, uncertain job prospects, and low income are both a cause and an outcome of youth homelessness. Dans la rue offers supportive programs to help young people overcome the challenges they face when entering the job market through career-oriented training and positive work placement experiences to help youth find and keep a stable, well-paying job.

Becoming a parent and taking care of a family

Homeless and at-risk youth already struggle to care for themselves. Having a child can make the situation even more precarious. Dans la rue’s Family Services offers personalized support to help new parents learn how to create a stable family environment.


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