A global approach

Like every young person, homeless and at-risk youth have a full spectrum of needs. At Dans la rue, they can find an integrated approach that recognizes the individuality and complexity of every situation.

Our multifaceted approach helps them get off the street quickly and to permanently transition away from precarious or high-risk situations.

We also actively work alongside various partners to gain a better understanding of the causes and effects of youth homelessness. Through collaboration and partnership, we can all play an important role in responding to and preventing youth homelessness.

  • Hot dogs and a sympathetic ear
  • Operates five nights a week
  • 100 to 150 youths served each night
  • Volunteer-run

The Van represents an important first step in the long process of building trust with marginalized youth. In addition to providing a brief escape from life on the streets, the Van’s volunteers listen and support youth in crisis, offer them food and essential items, and refer them to the appropriate resources.



  • Emergency shelter (food, conversation and analysis of the situation)
  • Open 365 nights a year
  • About 500 youths served every year, 250 of whom are minors
  • Experts in dealing with runaways

The Bunker is an emergency shelter that can accommodate up to 17 youth aged 12 to 21 years old. It gives them access to a range of essential services (a bed for the night, a warm meal, a shower, laundry facilities), as well as a team of specialized counsellors who are there to listen, support, and provide referrals, accompaniment, and other services as appropriate.

The Bunker is a safe place that provides a much-needed break from the dangers and stresses of street life.

  • Meals and acceptance
  • Support and psychosocial assistance
  • School, employment services, activities to encourage expression and self-discovery, on-site nurse and psychologists
  • Open five days a week
  • More than 1,000 youths served every year

The Day Centre is the heart of Dans la rue’s operations. Homeless youth are welcome to use the on-site facilities, which include a cafeteria and a nurse’s office, and stock up on clothes and personal hygiene products. There are counsellors, psychologists and legal specialists on hand to provide information and guidance.

The Day Centre is also home to our art and music studio, recreational activities and workshops, employment programs, and the Emmett Johns School.

  • Designed specifically to meet family needs
  • Housing stability
  • Increased self-sufficiency
  • Improved parenting skills
  • 150 parents and children helped every year

Family Services provides assistance to Dans la rue youth who are also parents. Counsellors assist new parents with a variety of administrative enquiries (filing income taxes, applying for government ID, etc.) and make house calls to show them essential self-care and child-care skills.


  • Long-term housing
  • Community support
  • 17 apartments

Our 17-unit apartment building opened in December 2014 for 15 youths and two families who currently use Dans la rue’s resources or have done so in the past. Counsellors are available on-site to provide support to residents.