Laying the groundwork for a career

A lack of education, uncertain job prospects, and low income are both a cause and an outcome of youth homelessness. Many young people face challenges when entering the job market and need various forms of support to seek out careeroriented training, gain positive work experience, and find and keep a stable, well-paying job.


The pay-by-day program was designed specifically to reach out to youth who are not yet ready for a traditional, fulltime job and to help them overcome a variety of barriers to employment. The flexibility of these jobs, which can last anywhere from two hours to two days, provides youth with a practical, positive, and paid experience, without the pressure of long-term employment.


Dans la rue offers full and part-time job placement programs with a six-month duration. These experiences, coupled with the support and guidance of our counsellors, can be the springboard to long-term employment opportunities that help put participants on the path to self-sufficiency.