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Getting an education

There is an undeniable correlation between dropping out of school and living on the street. Finishing high school can be a huge step forward in a youth’s personal and social development and in the transition to adult life.

The Emmett Johns School

The Dans la rue alternative high school has been at the core of our services since 1997.

Every year, an average of 16 students enrol in classes with a teacher from the Centre de ressources éducatives et pédagogiques (CREP) of the Commission scolaire de Montréal.

A psychosocial counsellor accompanies the students throughout their studies and helps to ensure their personal and academic development.

L’École Emmett Johns - Dans la rue

Scholarship fund

In conjunction with several partners, Dans la rue has established a fund to provide material and monetary assistance to students in need so they can concentrate on their studies without the stress of struggling to pay for everyday needs.

Financial support can go toward housing expenses, tuition, grocery vouchers, public transit passes, and other necessities.


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