Administrative aid

Sorting out administrative and legal matters

The links with the government are often made by complex processes. Homeless youth frequently need help to take in charge of their situation.

Administrative matters

Our counsellors are an invaluable resource for youth trying to get their official paperwork in order to obtain a health insurance card, social insurance number, or birth certificate.

Support is also available to youth applying for social assistance to ensure a stable source of income. Tools and explanations are provided to help them navigate the often complex administrative and procedural landscape.

A counsellor will also physically accompany the youth, as needed, to external appointments with various institutions.

Legal resolutions

Repeat fines and criminal charges are an unfortunate hallmark of life on the streets. Our staff have been trained to use various tools and procedures to assist youth in unravelling legal complexities and overcoming these obstacles.

This work helps curb the marginalization of homeless youth caused by legal situations and maximizes their chances of successfully taking positive steps forward.

In addition to the work done by our counsellors, a group of volunteer law students each dedicate eight hours a week to help youth navigate the justice system by providing them with legal information.

Sorting out administrative and legal matters

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