Our Mission

Founded by Father Emmett Johns “Pops” in 1988, Dans la rue helps homeless and at-risk youth.

With dedication, empathy and respect, and with the support of the community, Dans la rue cares for their immediate needs and helps them acquire the skills and resources needed to lead more autonomous and rewarding lives.

Our Values

  • Engagement
  • Benevolence
  • Respect
  • Collaboration


The causes and realities of youth homelessness require solutions that are adapted to these unique challenges. Some youth are subject to unstable living conditions and precarious situations with regard to mental health and addictions. Often, they have dropped out of school, their job prospects are extremely limited and they have little to no experience in what it means to be self-sufficient. Homelessness is almost never a choice. They want to get off the street.

Father Emmett Johns “Pops”

At the age of 60 and after nearly 40 years as a parish priest, Pops was inspired to reach out to the city’s at-risk youth.

Our history

Over the years, more and more people recognized the importance of Pops’ mission and supported Dans la rue with their time and donations. Dans la rue has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of skilled professionals and dedicated volunteers, all commited to fulfilling Pops’ vision of helping youth survive the streets and get back on their feet.

Leadership team

Our dynamic and engaged leadership team provided a solid base for our organization.

Board of Directors

Without our Board members, Dans la rue would not be where it is today.

Partnerships and collaborations

Dans la rue works closely with partners in numerous areas to ensure the needs of homeless youth are met even more effectively.

Join our team

In keeping with the values that underpin all of our services, the organizational culture at Dans la rue is rooted in respect, collaboration and integrity.


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