Although the pandemic is an ongoing concern, our counsellors now have all the tools they need to deal with the ramifications of the public health crisis

The new Van has been winding its way through the streets of Montreal since July, and the Bunker and Day Centre continue to meet homeless youth’s essential needs.

Over and above these core activities, we have resumed most of our other services, including psychosocial support, legal and administrative aid, our school and employability programs, the art room, referrals and accompaniment, housing and family services.

Programs and services promoting exit from homelessness

By strengthening our ties with youth, facilitating their contact with outside resources and providing spaces where they can learn and grow, we are empowering them to find a way off the street and toward a more self-sufficient, rewarding future.

Thank you to our employees who have pulled out all the stops to come up with concrete solutions adapted to the realities of homeless youth through Dans la rue’s many programs and services.

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