Recreational pursuits to help youth find their passion

A wide range of activities are offered here at Dans la rue for youth experiencing homelessness. From sports and other active endeavours to those of a more artistic or introspective nature, there’s something to inspire everyone. And as our counsellors can attest, the physical and psychological rewards are manifold.

Spotlight on self-care

Throughout the year, we invite hairdressers, barbers, osteopaths, massage therapists and physiotherapists to come to the Day Centre for our special “Wellness Days,” during which youth can enjoy some rest and relaxation and have their personal needs attended to. They leave feeling great and with a huge smile on their face.


Sports: Indoor rock climbing


Indoor rock climbing is one of the activities we make available to homeless youth. Participants spend the day at a climbing centre with one of our counsellors. Numerous physical and mental health benefits are associated with climbing, including improved balance, gross motor skills, endurance and muscle strength. Not only does the experience take young people out of their comfort zone, but it also allows them to improve their social skills

Outdoor fun: Snow tubing

We were pleased to organize a snow tubing outing during the winter for the youth we serve. The activity provided an opportunity for them to leave the streets behind for a day, get some exercise and breathe in the fresh mountain air. During the trip, participants could also engage in informal discussions with the counsellors about things like music, their living and job situation, their experience with substance use and their plans for the future.

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