Our employability programs, a lasting way to address instability

I met P.O. at the Day Centre, where he has been working 35 hours a week for the past year as part of one of our employability programs. Now 21 years old, he has been using our services since he was 13. Back then, he would head to the Bunker every time he ran away from a youth centre. He would also go to the Van with his friends from the street and to the Day Centre to eat at the cafeteria.

Through word of mouth and his sister, who has also used our services, he learned about our pay-by-the-day work programs. The flexibility of these jobs, which last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, provides youth with a practical, positive and paid experience, without the pressure of long-term employment.

His work ethic has impressed the counsellors, and they think he is ready for the next step. They suggested he enrol in a full-time employment program at the Day Centre.

« At first, it stressed me out and I didn’t have any confidence in my abilities. Can I keep a job where I’m working four days a week? I had some pretty major doubts. But here, they’re great about letting you go at your own pace and encouraging you along the way. Plus, I’m getting better at managing my money. »

− P.O.

Centralized services that facilitate empowerment initiatives

The financial stability of a permanent job helped him find an apartment and clear up some administrative and legal issues. Legal problems are something we see all too often with youth experiencing homelessness. They can stand in the way of getting a job and integrating fully into society. Our help in addressing the legal marginalization that holds them back is critical in giving them a real chance at getting ahead.

« Dans la rue is the best organization for me. Everything I’ve done to move forward has been through the same place. You have all sorts of services where you work, so it’s very easy to take advantage of them. »

− P.O.


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