Helping homeless youth with dedication

For the past 35 years, we have been proud to carry on the work started by our founder, Father Emmett Johns— “Pops,” as he was affectionately known to many. Youth in unstable living conditions know that we are here to support them, not only when times are tough but also as they work toward making their dreams come true.

Homeless youth are the same as anyone else, except for the fact that many of them come from broken homes where they didn’t get the support and guidance they needed to flourish. One out of three teens aging out of youth protection experiences one or more episodes of homelessness.


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Meeting young people’s needs without judgment

Our services meet the essential needs of these young people when they have nowhere else to turn, providing them with a safe place to sleep, a meal to appease their hunger and clothing to protect them from the elements. But beyond this, our counsellors are a voice of calm and clarity, guiding them in making good choices and in building a better future for themselves.

Welcoming these youth with open arms, and no judgment, is what our counsellors do — and do best. They understand the challenges specific to homeless youth and work every day to revive their hope. Our illustrated report on pages 2 and 3 will give you a glimpse into some of the moments of inspiration they have encountered along the way.

Message from Cécile Arbaud, executive director


Dear Friends and Allies of Dans la rue,

Thanks to you, our wonderful donors, volunteers and team members, Dans la rue continues to be there for young people in crisis. We are steadfast in our efforts to find better solutions to prevent and reduce youth homelessness.

Building on this vision, one step at a time, one life at a time, with the support of our partners, we provide assistance to families, work to protect youth, promote education and advocate for better physical and mental health. Our proactive approach helps ensure that the systems and policies in place are better aligned with the needs of youth as they look ahead to the future.

This is the perspective that is shaping our current efforts to rework how we reach out to youth so we can take swift and decisive action in collaboration with other stakeholders. We do this through a trauma-based lens, since this is a reality for many of the individuals who cross our threshold.

Thank you, all of you, for continuing to believe in what we do. Your support makes a real difference for us — and for them!


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