A Stable Environment Where a New Life Can Begin

When youth who uses the Bunker and Day Centre feel ready to take the next step in their journey away from homelessness, they can find a stable living environment through Dans la rue housing. The young residents of the supportive apartment complex learn how to become more self-sufficient and make plans for the future. Tommy is one of these residents. He has taken advantage of this new living situation to go back to school and hold down a part-time job.

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Autonomy and independence for homeless youth

Kris McNulty, who’s in charge of the Dans la rue housing team, emphasizes that this a magical time for youth, during which they can focus on their plans for the future, learn how to become more independent and get ready to fly on their own.


At Dans la rue, we encourage youth to dream, help them define their goals and guide them in adjusting their plans as needed as they move forward. Kris admires their courage. Permanent housing can be very challenging for someone with a history of homelessness. They need to develop a whole new set of skills. That is why our counsellors are there to provide guidance and reduce the stress that comes with such a big change.

A safe supervised place to call home

Housing coordinator Laetitia Grenier says that the counsellors aren’t there to impose anything on the young residents. Their role is to give them the freedom to make their own choices and provide assistance whenever things don’t work out as planned. It is important for them to see their apartment as their safer space, after everything they have been through living on the street. It took time for Sassou, another one of our residents, to feel at home. She had to get used to her new environment at her own pace.


The way Laetitia sees it, the youth needs time to heal and grow so they can start to believe they are worth everything that is being done to help put them on the path toward a better life.

The community aspect of Dans la rue housing helps break down the walls of isolation, encourages youth to make new friends and put life on the street behind them, and empowers them to take on adult responsibilities. The on-site counsellors’ readiness to listen has made a big difference for Julien, yet another of our tenants who appreciates having this new family to rely on.

What Is Dans la rue housing?

Dans la rue Housing provides an affordable place to live for youth exiting homelessness, coupled with support from on-site counsellors. It is something our founder, Pops, dreamed of for many years before the project finally came to life in 2014.

The 17-unit complex, which consists of 15 studio apartments and two apartments for young families enrolled in Dans la rue’s Family Services, is subsidized by the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal. Under the terms of the subsidy, residents are eligible to stay for up to five years. Located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough of Montreal, the building also features a communal space and an office for the counsellors.

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