Valérie Plante congratulates Dans la rue on 35 years of serving homeless youth


Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante recently congratulated Dans la rue on 35 years of serving homeless youth.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Josefina Blanco, Montreal city councillor responsible for diversity, social inclusion, homelessness, universal accessibility and the status of women, youth and seniors, and Sterling Downey, Verdun city councillor and long-time friend of the organization, as they conveyed the mayor’s congratulations and a letter.

In her letter, Mayor Plante wrote:

“I greatly appreciate your organization’s invaluable contribution to the well-being of disadvantaged young people and to the city’s social fabric. Your teams have made it possible for thousands of Montrealers to find refuge, be it for a few moments or for a few days, so they can regain confidence in their abilities and continue their journey within our community. On behalf of all Montrealers, I thank you for everything you do.”


– Valérie Plante

Thank you for your visit and the inspiring words!

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