Counsellor with 25 years of service at Dans la rue share their stories of inspiration with us

“When something like that happens, we are here to let them talk about it. Perhaps because I’m a priest as well as a front-line counsellor, they came to me at one point and asked me to perform a ceremony in honour of a fallen friend. I agreed to do it and since then it’s become a ritual every time a tragedy like this occurs.

“Loss is something the youth I work with know a lot about. It is a big part of life on the street. They lose many of their friends to overdose or suicide.”

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We go to the Day Centre cafeteria and take a moment to honour and mourn their loved ones. They can feel that we are helping them process their grief. Oftentimes, these are youth who have used our services, so it’s a chance for everyone to say goodbye.

These are also opportunities to advocate for prevention and to stress that they can always come to talk to us about suicide and drug use.

When I started working at Dans la rue, I remember Pops saying to me, ‘We aren’t here to talk about God. You’ll see that you’ll be living your faith every day in the help you provide these young people.’ He was right. My work as a counsellor is essential and makes a difference in our society.”


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