We would like to share with you some touching testimonials from youth who have benefited from Dans la rue’s services in recent years.  

Dans la rue fed me when I was starving. Dans la rue dressed me when it was -20 degrees. Dans la rue visited me when my lack of experience meant that I found myself in prison.  Dans la rue comforted me when very dark thoughts crossed my mind.


Dans la rue was a beacon for me, lighting my path towards freedom… They supported me while I chose my boat to cross the ocean of my pain.


Recording my musical compositions at Chez Pops brings me great fulfillment and proves to me that I have the ability to make music.  


I like what you do. Your visits help me a lot. The handy little tips and the papers you give me with information on how to find help for me and my kids are very useful. I actually called one of the help lines you suggested and talked to someone. It made me feel much better and helped me calm down when my son was throwing a tantrum.

Jasmine, a young mother

Thanks to Dans la rue and the hope they gave me, now I’m going back to school. Soon I’ll be in cegep and I’m really proud of that. Thank you to all the donors. Your donations have helped me get to where I am today.