Welcome to our new website!

Dans la rue logo

On June 23rd, Dans la rue launched its new website.

Over the past few years, we have had many productive discussions around how to present our work and how best to explain the cause we are committed to every day.

With our new site, these ideas and goals have been realized and we have adopted a new approach: presenting our organization through the issue of youth homelessness and through the actions and needs of homeless youth. Information on our services is now grouped into eight unique categories: self-care, housing, improving physical and mental health, self-discovery, unraveling administrative and legal situations, taking charge of education, building a professional future, and becoming a parent and taking care of a family.

This presentation demonstrates the global approach we take at Dans la rue in responding to the complex situations facing homeless and at-risk youth. Central to our approach is meeting the needs of each youth. Our team of professionals works closely with every youth to help them develop the skills and resources necessary to lead a more autonomous and rewarding life.

We hope you enjoy visiting the updated website.

Pure Cobalt, a loyal partner for ten years, brought the new site to life and graciously hosts our website. We thank Pure Cobalt for their amazing work and we are very grateful for their commitment to the cause of youth homelessness.